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Africa Heartwood Project | West Africa grassroots Non-Profit – Orphan Home

Ebola Orphans Join the Heartwood Family

On September 16, 2015 eight children from the Tokpah family of Small Ganta joined the Heartwood family at the Orphan Home in Liberia. Josephine, Leo, Mercy, Oretha, Patrick, Serrina, Faith, and Janet were welcomed with open arms by their new friends in ZuannahTown. Paul Heszeltine ran an IronMan race to raise funds for their transportation and move-in expenses, and Karen Mathot ( put herself in harm’s way to give them a better life. The generous “Z” family has offered a monthly sponsorship for each child, providing food, shelter, education, health care, loving mentorship, allowance, and recreational opportunities.


The story of the […]

Jana in Africa

Jana Capps is one of our most dedicated long-term volunteers. Since 2008 Jana has provided effective management and support for a variety of humanitarian projects and fundraising events for Africa Heartwood Project. We are grateful for her passion for lifting the poor, her compassion in service, and her dedication to her convictions that further this work. She is currently living at the Heartwood Orphan Home in Liberia where she is managing infrastructure development at the Heartwood Homestead, providing leadership in community development in the Sand Beach Community, and developing a curriculum for education and child development for the future Homestead campus. Her volunteership […]

The Westerbys – Building Capacities at the Refugee Orphan Home

In June 2009 Dave and Kathy Westerby visited the Refugee Orphan Home to support the Benefit Culture Show put on by the orphans. Almost two years later they have returned to Ghana to provide service for the LDS Church, and have committed to volunteering their time and talents to improve communications, expanding sustainable income opportunities, and increase capaticites of staff and students at the Home. We’re grateful for their willing hearts and much needed skills in creating and building programs that will improve the lives and prospects for the children at the Home.
Photos taken by Dave, Spring 2011 

Services the Westerbys […]