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Wildcat Water Project

Marci Houseman, the director of Choral Music, Theatre Arts, and D.R.U.M. at West Pine Middle School in West End, NC., has set up a Donor Managed Fund here at Africa Heartwood Project. She and her students raised $6,000 from their own efforts and within the community to install a bore hole in Ogyanhewano (oh-JOHN-shay-wah-no) and Akromakwaa (ah-CROW-mah-kwah), two remote sister villages in Ghana, by the end of the 2009-2010 school year.

Photos of Ogyanhewano Hand Pump Installation on Sept 1, 2010 

Click to read an article about the extraordinary efforts of Wildcat students at ThePilot.com. Marci Houseman and two of her students talked about the Wildcat Water Project […]

Krobidasiwakyi Village Water Project

The Village of Krobidasiwakyi
Alantaso and Krobidasiwakyi are rural villages in Ghana’s Central Region which were given assistance in their quest to establish a reliable, all-season water source to provide clean underground water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and irrigation.

Thanks to local support at the World Music Benefit Concert I in Salt Lake City on March 20, 2009, the bore holes were successfully installed on June 13, 2009. All residents of Alantaso and Krobidasiwakyi villages are now drinking clean water from the hand pumps in their own communities! They send their thanks to all who have […]

World Music Benefit Concert II

Thank you to our communities, volunteers, and donors for making this such a wonderful event! Please scroll down for more details on those who played a part…
Video shown at the Benefit Concert – Gallivan Center, Oct 2009 

Email photos of the show to us, we’ll add them here!

Click poster image to enlarge

Volunteer Services
Propitious Consulting – Market and media presentation management at the benefit concert. Contact Troy Olson.
Ace Slideshows – David Francis has donated his services in creating the headliner video presentation for the Benefit Ccncert, and additional slide show work for the Refugee Orphan Home. Get […]

The Westerbys – Building Capacities at the Refugee Orphan Home

In June 2009 Dave and Kathy Westerby visited the Refugee Orphan Home to support the Benefit Culture Show put on by the orphans. Almost two years later they have returned to Ghana to provide service for the LDS Church, and have committed to volunteering their time and talents to improve communications, expanding sustainable income opportunities, and increase capaticites of staff and students at the Home. We’re grateful for their willing hearts and much needed skills in creating and building programs that will improve the lives and prospects for the children at the Home.
Photos taken by Dave, Spring 2011 

Services the Westerbys […]

World Music Benefit Concert 1 – March 2009

Two Bore Holes Successfully Installed – June 13, 2009
Your efforts to raise funds have found a successful end with the completion of the bore holes in two remote Ghanaian villages! Andy Jones, Director of AHP, visited the villages in May-June to participate in the final phases of installation, and witness the celebration event marking the end of the eight-month project. The chief and the residents of Alantaso and Krobidasiwakyi send their gratitude to everyone for having helped to provide the wonderful gift of clean water! Click here to see pictures and updates.

For Help with the Benefit Concert – Special Thanks:
The […]

Adarikrom Village Water Project

The Village of Adarikrom
Adarkrom is a small community located in Ghana’s Central Region that had saved their funds in order to provide maintenance for a bore hole they hoped to get one day. After meeting with village elders and community stakeholders, Africa Heartwood Project undertook geophysical surveying on January 20, 2011. On January 28, the bore hole was successfully drilled with concrete pad and hand pump being installed in February, 2011, and Commissioning June 3, 2011. Follow up visits to the village throughout the summer, and community interviews in Oct 2011 indicate that Seth Okai village is successfully […]

Seth Okai Village Water Project

The Village of Seth Okai
Sethokai is a village in the Central Region, in the Kwanyaku district. This community had two semi-functional hand dug wells which were not sufficient to serve the needs of the people who relied on them. While the water was clean enough, it dried up for about 4 months of the year, leaving residents to fetch water by hand from a long distance. It was less expensive and more effective to drill a new bore hole rather than attempt to deepen the hand dug wells, seal them off, and install a hand pump. Sethokai saved […]

Good Bird Water Project

On June 7, 2013 the Good Bird Water Project in Fawomanye, Ghana was Commissioned, marking the successful completion of drilling, hand pump installation, and community training. The photos and videos below show how the projected moved forward in the village of Fawomanye. Thank you, Amy Moon and the Good Bird team!



Water Project Progress
Dec 21, 2011 – Project manager visited Fawomanye for observation
Feb 2012 – WATSAN Committee opened community bank account
May 2012 – Andy visits Fawomanye for needs assessment
June 2012 – Video posted to seek […]