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Jeremy and Lizzi Budge in Liberia

From Valentine’s Day to June 9, 2013 Jeremy and Lizzi had a four month honeymoon adventure as volunteers at the Orphan Home at ZuannahTown, and the Heartwood Homestead. This newlywed couple is an inspiration in their commitment to serve humanity as they sacrifice their time, comfort, and income to make a difference in the world
Photos and videos of Jeremy and Lizzi Budge in Liberia

Jeremy and Lizzi accomplished a great deal of good in their service with Africa Heartwood Project. Here are a few of their main achievements during their volunteership:
Heartwood Homestead Achievements

Managed design and engineering of all structures and […]

Queer Spirit Village Water Project

On June 7, 2013 the Queer Spirit Water Project in Ankyease, Ghana was Commissioned, marking the successful completion of drilling, hand pump installation, and community training. The photos and videos below show how the projected moved forward in the community of Ankyease, Upper Bobikuma, Central Region, Ghana. Thank you to Jerry Buie and all those in the Queer Spirit and Salt Lake City communities who make this project possible!





Heather in Liberia

Heather Peck is fulfilling her life-long dream to help orphan children in Africa. In June 2013 she will begin her six month volunteer adventure to teach and mentor children and young adults at the Heartwood Orphan Home in Liberia. Her positive attitude, hard work ethic, and compassionate heart will inspire children and staff members to believe in themselves, to do their best to achieve success, and to lift others along the way. Read her short bio to get to know this wonderful volunteer:

"I’m Heather Peck. I love writing, but I don’t like to write about myself. It’s weird. […]

Judge Memorial Rotary Interact Club

Update: Fund raising events held April 12-13, 2013 were more successful than we could have imaged! Our heartfelt thanks to Maddy, Jackie, Victoria, Sarah, and all those who supported these events with such enthusiasm and generosity. The water system at the Homestead has already begun, and production will continue for the next 30-60 days. Photos and video of the events will be posted here soon. This page will also be updated priodically to reflect progress on the water project. Thank you!
Judge Memorial Catholic High School students and advisors volunteered to provide clean water for the Heartwood Orphan Homestead as their 2013 Rotary Interact […]

Donor Managed Funds

Africa Heartwood Project is now offering our friends the opportunity to raise funds that will be set aside for specific use as directed by the donor(s). This is called a Donor Managed Fund (DMF). The advantage of a DMF is that your school, office, Boy Scout troop, or any other community or group can make donations which will accumulate until the target amount has been reached. This way you don’t have to hold funds from contributors to your project, and donations can be tax-deductible. Anybody can set up a DMF with Africa Heartwood Project for use in expanding our current […]

The Tribal Run

The Tribal Run – the new all night relay run sensation – has selected Africa Heartwood Project as a designated Charity Partner. A portion of registration proceeds are donated to Africa Heartwood Project’s Education and Outreach mission, as well as to the Heartwood Orphan Home in Liberia. The Drum Ensemble is at the heart of the tribal rhythm, with performing at promotional events, at the opening ceremonies, and ALL NIGHT LONG as runners complete their relays and return to Base Camp.
Watch video highlights of the first ever Tribal Run at Miller Motosports Park on Aug 3-4, 2012, including performances by members of the […]

The Heartwood Orphan Home’s Move to Liberia

The relocation of our Refugee Orphan Home at Buduburam Refugee Camp, to ZuannahTown, Royesville, Liberia was launched on May 16, 2012. More than two years in development, this is a daunting but necessary undertaking. It brings together multiple government agencies, communities, donors, and individuals, all required to dedicate their best efforts for the sake of these precious children and youth, at least 19 of whom are part of the "Move to Liberia". This page outlines the rationale, the plan, key players, budgets, timetables, and other pertinent details to ensure a successful and timely relocation.

Alantaso Village Water Project

The Villages of Alantaso and Krobidasiwakyi
Alantaso and Krobidasiwakyi are rural villages in Ghana’s Central Region which were given assistance in their quest to establish a reliable, all-season water source to provide clean underground water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and irrigation.

Thanks to local support at the World Music Benefit Concert I in Salt Lake City on March 20, 2009, the bore holes were successfully installed on June 13, 2009. All residents of Alantaso and Krobidasiwakyi villages are now drinking clean water from the hand pumps in their own communities! They send their thanks to all who have participated in this wonderful endeavor. […]

ADOM Village Water Project

The word adom means "grace" in the Twi language and is the name her mother chose for her African Market shop. That’s why Vera Asuamuzuah, a Ghanaian student attending Colorado State University, decided to name her project the ADOM Village Water Project: Since she left her hometown of Tema, Ghana, Vera has wanted to do something to bless those of her homeland, as she and her family have been so graciously blessed. Now she is leading a grassroots fundraising effort to provide a clean, reliable, and convenient water source to the village of Potomu, Ghana. Join Vera in her desire to give back […]

Angelic Connections Village Water Project

"Africa is the womb of the world. When Africa heals, the world will heal." -Shantel Nicole

The Angelic Connections Village Water Project is part of our Donor Managed Funds projects. Inspired by Shantel, networked and organized by Kathy Gambles and Deja Mitchell, drums provided by TribaLoveDancer and DjembeDirect.com, and hosted by the Angel Spa & Retreat and Eccles Community Arts Center – this new drum circle community has committed to sponsor a bore hole in Ghana in Spring 2011.
How this will be accomplished:

Drum circle fundraising events
Donations in lieu of gifts for birthdays and holidays
Sharing the opportunity with friends, co-workers, and family […]