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Africa Heartwood Project | West Africa grassroots Non-Profit – admin
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RHS Rotary Interact Club Water Project 2019 & 2020

For the second year in a row, the Roseburg High School Interact Club is partnering with Africa Heartwood Project. Our club is very excited to see our hard work and fundraising impact not only our community but communities around the world.  Africa Heartwood Project does great things for those in need, and we are very happy to be a part of it and make a difference. – Lauren Sandfort, Interact Club President 2019-20

The Roseburg High School Interact Club (Roseburg, Oregon) brings students together to develop leadership skills while discovering the power of […]

Cookies for Clean Water

It is easy to have hope for the future when you see kids like Lucy Allebest and Kelly Smith in action. They organized a bake sale to bring a well to a Liberian village, which will provide clean water for years to come starting in 2015. Their Los Altos, CA community rallied to bake cookies and brownies, and to show their support for this charity-minded tag team. Kelly and Lucy are proving that the world can be changed for good by simply doing what one can do, just from where one stands! Small efforts by a few can mean life-saving changes for many.

The bake […]

Avoid Internet & Facebook Scams from Buduburam Refugee Camp

If you have been contated by somebody unknown to you claiming to be from Buduburam Refugee Camp in Ghana, and in need of your financial support, please proceed with extreme caution. It is very likely a scam to defraud you of your money in the name of helping somebody in distress or poverty.
With increasing frequency people claiming to live at Buduburam as a refugee, with various needs for urgent financial support, have been soliciting strangers via Facebook or email. While each scam attempt is different, common supposed needs include money for rent, food, school fees, medical care, or travel. Common […]

Volunteer Expedition Summary – Joseph Atkin

In May and June of 2010 Joseph Atkin, an AHP volunteer, visited our Refugee Orphan Home at Buduburam, as well as other Africa Heartwood Project sites in Ghana. Joseph’s primary efforts at the orphanage included training staff, students, and teachers in how to organize and run the new Vocational Training Center (VTC). The staff was very grateful for the training. The teachers, who are experts in their fields, are excited to be a part of this wonderful center, and the students are eager to have fun and learn some useful vocational skills! Six classes are fully functional now, including sewing, baking, cooking, soap-making, health, […]

Volunteer Expedition Summary – Greg Jones

Greg Jones traveled to Ghana as a volunteer for Africa Heartwood Project in February 2010. His mission was to select the next two Clean Water Project villages, and to conduct health exams for each person at our Refugee Orphan Home. Mission accomplished – and then some!

Greg’s qualifications as a RN and as director of the Malihe Free Medical Clinic, and his extensive experience doing medical expeditions in South America, positioned him well to be of invaluable service in strengthening and expanding the work of AHP in Ghana. Reflecting on his challenging and rewarding experience as a voluteer, Greg said,

" The […]

African Drum & Dance in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City has a growing community of African dance and drum students, enthusiasts, teachers, and performers. We welcome you join us! For information on drum and dance classes, drum circles, or to purchase a drum, visit Drums are also available at Dancing Cranes Imports in the Sugarhouse area.

Africa Heartwood Drum & Dance Ensemble
To learn more about the education and outreach arm of Africa Heartwood Project, please visit our page about the Africa Heartwood Drum & Dance Ensemble. The Ensemble plays a major role in promoting Africa Heartwood Project in SLC, including donating performances to raise funds at the […]

Creative Arts Academy Benefits Liberian Orphans

Student dancers and academy mentors from CAA are helping to build a new orphanage in Liberia, West Africa – the Heartwood Orphan Homestead. Join them in their passion to use their talent to do good for others. How can you help? By simply joining in the fun!
November 15, 2014 : 3:30-5:00pm 
CAA Dance Studios
The Grand Ballroom
Dancers and volunteers will transform the Ballrooom into an exciting celebration of African culture. Add your beat to the family friendly community drum circle where you’ll play authentic, hand-carved drums. Learn traditional African dance movement, and songs from Liberia. Get a taste of […]

Jana in Africa

Jana Capps is one of our most dedicated long-term volunteers. Since 2008 Jana has provided effective management and support for a variety of humanitarian projects and fundraising events for Africa Heartwood Project. We are grateful for her passion for lifting the poor, her compassion in service, and her dedication to her convictions that further this work. She is currently living at the Heartwood Orphan Home in Liberia where she is managing infrastructure development at the Heartwood Homestead, providing leadership in community development in the Sand Beach Community, and developing a curriculum for education and child development for the future Homestead campus. Her volunteership […]


We would like to thank those who enable the important work of Africa Heartwood Project through their generous donations. There are many ways to make a positive difference in the world, and the gift of money to carry out humanitarian projects is an essential one. Thank you for your sacrifice – one we regard as sacred and literally life-saving.

Those who volunteer at Africa Heartwood Project care deeply about the individuals who benefit from our work. The work is full of challenges and some disappointments, and it is so encouraging when somebody comes into our world whose heart is knit in […]
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