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Africa Heartwood Project | West Africa grassroots Non-Profit – 2014 – December

Avoid Internet & Facebook Scams from Buduburam Refugee Camp

If you have been contated by somebody unknown to you claiming to be from Buduburam Refugee Camp in Ghana, and in need of your financial support, please proceed with extreme caution. It is very likely a scam to defraud you of your money in the name of helping somebody in distress or poverty.
With increasing frequency people claiming to live at Buduburam as a refugee, with various needs for urgent financial support, have been soliciting strangers via Facebook or email. While each scam attempt is different, common supposed needs include money for rent, food, school fees, medical care, or travel. Common […]

Volunteer Expedition Summary – Joseph Atkin

In May and June of 2010 Joseph Atkin, an AHP volunteer, visited our Refugee Orphan Home at Buduburam, as well as other Africa Heartwood Project sites in Ghana. Joseph’s primary efforts at the orphanage included training staff, students, and teachers in how to organize and run the new Vocational Training Center (VTC). The staff was very grateful for the training. The teachers, who are experts in their fields, are excited to be a part of this wonderful center, and the students are eager to have fun and learn some useful vocational skills! Six classes are fully functional now, including sewing, baking, cooking, soap-making, health, […]

Volunteer Expedition Summary – Greg Jones

Greg Jones traveled to Ghana as a volunteer for Africa Heartwood Project in February 2010. His mission was to select the next two Clean Water Project villages, and to conduct health exams for each person at our Refugee Orphan Home. Mission accomplished – and then some!

Greg’s qualifications as a RN and as director of the Malihe Free Medical Clinic, and his extensive experience doing medical expeditions in South America, positioned him well to be of invaluable service in strengthening and expanding the work of AHP in Ghana. Reflecting on his challenging and rewarding experience as a voluteer, Greg said,

" The […]

African Drum & Dance in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City has a growing community of African dance and drum students, enthusiasts, teachers, and performers. We welcome you join us! For information on drum and dance classes, drum circles, or to purchase a drum, visit Drums are also available at Dancing Cranes Imports in the Sugarhouse area.

Africa Heartwood Drum & Dance Ensemble
To learn more about the education and outreach arm of Africa Heartwood Project, please visit our page about the Africa Heartwood Drum & Dance Ensemble. The Ensemble plays a major role in promoting Africa Heartwood Project in SLC, including donating performances to raise funds at the […]