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Fighting poverty through orphan support, clean water, sustainable livelihoods…and love!

Fighting Poverty One Drum at a Time

Africa Heartwood Project has helped hundreds of cultural artisans and vendors in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mali, Guinea, and Senegal to increase self-sufficiency in their chosen trade. This is not a charitable hand-out that could foster  dependence, but rather it is a hand-up that preserves dignity and encourages self-reliance. As artisans and venders are supported in making and marketing their crafts entire villages also benefit. The purchase of one drum benefits over thirty families in the supply- and labor-chains in West Africa.
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Projects That Make A Difference

Africa Heartwood Project is a grassroots nonprofit run by passionate volunteers who have learned a lot about fighting poverty. We act in partnership with the poor to identify and eliminate specific constraints to their freedoms using sustainable, participatory, results-oriented methods. As an all-volunteer organization we don’t ever spend your money on overhead or administrative expenses, so 100% of your donation goes to project implementation. We invite you to join us in this inspired cause, making a measurable and lasting impact in the lives of our many friends in West Africa. Everyone matters. Everyone benefits. Everyone grows. So can YOU!
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